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Ready to build a strong and functional core? Level up: Core Foundation is a progressive core strengthening program created by two physical therapists, former athletes, and active moms who had their own postpartum struggles with returning to the sports they love. This program emphasizes the why and how of coordinating and progressively loading your deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. This exercise program has 6 levels of difficulty. Within each level, there are 6 different exercises. Each exercise will have a direct progression from the previous level. You will progress through each one of the levels at your own pace. We recommend that you do the exercises 3x/week before progressing to the next level. In order to progress to the next level you should be able to: A) Perform the exercise without experiencing pain, increased pressure, or leaking. B) Be able to perform the exercise without noticeable doming or bulging in the abdomen. C) Be able to maintain this exercise with proper form (no breath-holding, no arching low back, able to maintain proper postural alignment as described in the videos). You will complete the program once you are able to progress and perform all the exercises at level 6. EQUIPMENT NEEDED: TheraBand + Exercise ball All online programs are non-refundable.

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